Geometry Passion

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The last exam of this semester was done! We spent the night watching the movie “Curse of the Golden Flower“, a terrible one. No doubt the movie was not nominated for foreign language film in Oscars. Zhang Yimou totally ruined the story from the live drama “Thunderstorm (雷雨)”. BTW: Pan’s ladyrinth is quite good.

Helene from Biscut’s House and I discussed a little about different ways holding knit needles last weekend. The discussion reminds me I haven’t touched any knitting needles for such a long time. Well, I dropped knitting 3 months after I learned it. Lidl happened to have a sale for needles this week so that I happily got a pair of circular needles for 1.99€. While watching the stupid shining movie, I tried to recall the basic knitting techniques. Surprisedly, without reading any instructions in advance, I still remember knit & purl, start and finishing as well even though I am unbearably slow. 🙂 The little gauge looks not too bad anyway.

To avoid waste of effort and time, I use the little piece and another piece of fabrics of the same size to make myself a cuboid. It can serve as a pincushion as shown in the picture. It’s also comfortable enough as a relieve toy.

The cuboid is fairly easy. Corresponding edges in the picture of two pieces are sewing together. I sewn them on the wrong side, leaving a small open and then turn it inside-out. Stuff it, close the opening, then DONE. Since it’s not a square cuboid, you can use any size of rectangle fabric/knitted/crocheted pieces as long as length of A equals C’s length and Bis the width of the piece. Is that simple?

Simple shapes make great softies. abbyjane from While She Naps has made many cute cubic animals. I really want to hug the orange piggie. Fluksy also has some cubic creature. Besides cubes, spheres also seem to be softie artists’ favorites.  The cutest thing in Claire Garland’s book Toy to Sew has to be the ball-shaped cat. losabia from I knew that! made “ball animals” too. Hers are even better, especially the ball-een whale.


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  1. Wow, thanks for the kind comment about the little balls/dolls I made. I’ve decided to call them “Roundabouts!”

    I totally agree with you: geometric solids+softies=wonderful

    And that’s not just because I teach!

  2. Hi! I stumbled on your site while looking for a way to make “clunky feet” on a rag doll. I love the shape of your little bunny above. However, I am new to sewing. Can you post the pattern for your bunny and indicate which pieces you sewed together first, second, third, etc?

    Thank you!

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