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February 5, 2007 at 5:15 pm | Posted in Craft - Blogs, Craft - People | Leave a comment

As a Chinese, I should really show you nice crafts made in China no matter how much some crafting-related Chinese have disappointed me. There are many young/new people very promising in China. And they deserve to be known.

When I was surfing random online picture alums last night, I found a felt panda similar to mine. With multiple forum watermarks on it, the picture did not tell me anything about the crafter itself. It took me a while to trace down the picture. I am glad I finally arrived in the interesting blog Happy 0 by someone named “happy”, obviously a panda-lover and a cat-lover. Don’t miss her toy category for all her creations as well as her toy collection.

I guess her main interest is not crafting but drawing. Although she might not be very skillful in sewing, she can always implement her own design with colorful felts. IMHO, fresh original ideas are more important than well skills, which can actually be obtained by practice. Anyway, her stitches are as neat as her cartoons. Her simple tutorial on felt toy is worth a look. My favorites are her cat-shaped game console (GBA and another one) for her black cat. Besides, the pictures of her crafts are sort of professional. The style is quite cheerful, however, a little too vivid. 😛

More sites coming later….

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