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  1. I like the new blog style.

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  3. Hello! I work with Kristin on her Sew, Mama, Sew blog and we’d love to link to your organizer tutorial for an upcoming feature ( I can’t seem to find your email address… Would you mind emailing me for details at your convenience?

    Thanks so much!

  4. Nice blog!

  5. Proverka

  6. izvenite no nam nado sdelat test
    vi ved ne bydete protiv admini

  7. Great job on the clunies! I think you should continue with them!

  8. Love the header!

  9. I found this site,when I make the doll craft a key word and retrieve it.
    Your work is fantatic!
    Coloring of your dolls are beautiful.Their look is very lovely.I like your work.

    I also am making a doll craft.Please look at my work,when it is good.

  10. All the crafts in this blog is very very interesting!! Now I can make them as a gift to my friends.

  11. Hello!
    I love your site and I am grateful that he shares so good ideas, have taken the freedom of publishing your photo in this post, speak a bit about you. The post is translated with google language tools. If it does not agree say it to me, please. Thank

    From ccat:
    It’s my pleasure. Thanks a lot!

  12. Thank you for the Russian translations. I just can’t wait to order some of the magazines and try out the patterns!

  13. Very interesting site. I hope you like my trouble prospect A joke for you peoples! What kind of necktie does a pig wear? A pigsty.

  14. Кажется, неуместная новость

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  16. Hi!
    My name is Jessika!

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    As a fresh user i just wanted to say hello to everyone else who uses this board :>

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  19. What is bumburbia?

  20. Hey guys and girls!

    It’s my first time I am here.

    So i’d like to ask you if a world financial crisis affected someone among you?

  21. ho ho ho… is this blog still on? *huh what does “on” mean….=)
    I mean, do you still update this blog?????

    • I just came back. 🙂

  22. Hi,

    I love your pink hippo! We are always sourcing pink hippos for our shop at Leander Rowing Club (our emblem has a pink hippo) – is there any way you might be able to produce quite a few of them?!



    ps. see our website to see some of our other pink hippos

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  26. Hi! I was wondering if u could share the pattern for something I saw on ur site. It was under mini crochet weekend projects. It was a ring/ball Japanese crochet pattern. I tried to find the pattern but it was difficult to find 🙂 thanks!

  27. Hello. I saw your verigated blue cotton crochet bracelet, on your site and on The Crochet Guy’s FB. But can’t find your pattern. Please reply back to me so i can reply back on the conversation. It is such a cute bracelet — I have many nieces and it would make a lovely gift.
    Thank you and please reply.

  28. Hi I have been trying to find out what the following crochet symbols from a Russian crochet pattern mean in English : CCH, U, P, H, SBN. If you can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Janet

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  31. Thankyou for the translation.It would be nice and would be grateful if there was one for knitting translations.Google doesn’t do ma very good job.
    Halina Filsell

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