Simple basics

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What is your favorite way to consume the yarns in your stash? I usually choose to make a scarf, either by crocheting or by knitting. I had this skein of blue sock yarn. After I realized I would not knit any socks in the close future, I cannot stop thinking of getting rid of it. I showed the yarn to Mr Y and offered to make a hat or whatsoever for him before this winter ends, but all my offers got turned down. Then, I would just knit a scarf with one of the very first stitches I’ve learned 10+ years ago. Surprisedly, Mr Y likes the scarf so much that claimed it as his scarf when it’s only half way finished and started wearing it immediately after I finished off. He was even reluctant to give it back to me for photograph. The picture above was taken when he was still in bed…… Continue Reading Simple basics…

A weekly summary

November 3, 2007 at 9:26 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | Leave a comment
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We’ve got one week of holidays. It’s one of the reasons I was absent from blogging for so long. Before the end of the holidays, I managed to finish a project I started in September. The knitting had been done on the trains during the first two weeks of this semester, that is, 1 month ago. The project was put aside afterwards as I couldn’t find the right yarn for the paws from my stash. I didn’t wanna get a whole new skein of pink yarns just for a few small pieces.

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