Beauty of Study

February 15, 2007 at 6:03 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | 1 Comment

The sun finally made his another visit to our little town after some heavy rain last night. Hopefully, he can stay here for a while, say until the Chinese new year come. 🙂

Right, I did another exam this morning. There are more coming next week. As soon as one exam or one course is done, a huge pile of paper, including the printout slides, handouts, my notes, my final revision outlines and some sketches, became kind of useless at the moment. Since there’s no way to keep those sketches, I tried to make use of them, e.g. for origami. It’s even a little too thick for complicated origami, therefore I don’t think such print paper is suitable for paper mache, either.

Michael taught me a little of his swan during our psycholinguistic lecture the other day. It turned out he cannot remember all the steps. But, still, his instruction gave me a clear guide to the basics. After I got home, I repeated what he showed me and figured out the last few steps in my own way. It’s the one in the front. Although I am not sure how close it looks like Michael’s, it looks like a swan to me. 😛 The other one is based on a diagram available online.

I have to admit that a small entertainment like this actually help me to face all the stresses. Crafting is always the best treatment, isn’t it?;)

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