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February 14, 2007 at 8:51 pm | Posted in Craft - Books, Craft - How-to's | 1 Comment

We have the first final this morning. I experienced some temporary memory lost at the end of the exam. I know the answers “two-question” earlier and got totally confused when I got to the point. And the answer came back right after I walked out the building. It’s fairly depressing. My friend Ms. s said it was a sign of getting old. Maybe… or, I should have spent more time on the revision of this course.

Anyway, we’ve got one exam done and still have the others coming. I am having an oral exam tomorrow morning. Hope my brain could work smoothly later on. Due to my tight schedule of exams, there is no any special things for Valentine’s day in my home. We have no plan for the coming Chinese new year either. Actually, neither of us dont care about holidays or other special events so much.

Hearty stuffs are all around us. It became a little annoying somehow. Even though I dont like green at all, I still prefer St. Patrick’s day theme to Valentine’s day. Shamrocks and those little guys in green irish suits may be the only green things I like. From my point of view, the annual St Patrick’s day parade in Montreal is more interesting than the other two (Gayville and Xmas) I know. That’s why I am going to share a tutorial link from Rieving weekdays (in Japanese) for making small clovers.

Good luck to myself, AGAIN! 🙂

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