Pattern for Crocheted Flower

February 9, 2007 at 2:41 pm | Posted in Craft - How-to's, Craft - People, Craft - Websites | 3 Comments

sushimifune asked for a pattern, therefore I post the diagram here. Click the picture to see the large version. 🙂

To make it more clear, two flowers in the pattern are meant to be the different parts of one single flower. Basicly you should start with the small one on the top and then continue with the lower part without cuting the thread. The two rounds highlighted with shade refer to the same round. So don’t do it twice. In other words, there are 7 layers of petals in total, not 6! Each layer is labeled with the number, from 2 to 8. I actually only did 7 layers. The flower already turned out to be large enought for me, so I stopped.
Starting from the 4th round, each petal consists of two 3 rnds itself. Usually there are a few chains, and then sl st to the previous petal layer, 3 chains, turn around, some dc/tr, turn around again, some stitches for making the curved outline of the petal, and then sc on the 3 chains from last round. Things get complicated in the last two layers. You need to use chain stitches to go back and forth so as to have petals overlapped with each other. In addition, the dashed lines in the diagrams connect the stitches to the positions they should actually show up.

I hope this could help you to understand the diagram more easily. Looking forward to your flower! 🙂

BTW: Penny from Penny Sanford Porcelains has shared a nice tutorial on make a heart-shaped yoyo. Not-round yoyo has been in my project list since clover release a bunch of tutorials for various applications of yoyos. No wonder those tutorials are made to promote their tools for easier yoyo making. However, it seems a little luxurious for me to have such specific tools. You may need Asian font support in your acroreader to view the tutorial files.  🙂

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