Celebrate the New Year of Boar

February 17, 2007 at 6:21 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - How-to's | 4 Comments

It’s Chinese New Year Eve today. Mr. Y and I managed to do something to celebrate this important day. We gave ourself a delicous treat of dumplings with homemade wraps. Luckily, we can watch some special Chinese TV shows via internet when we were making dumplings. Before we started making dumplings, I also spared a few minutes to make a little pig…..head only. 😛 It’s been in my plan book since Jan 17. I think it would be less meaningful it’s made after the new year.

Here is how I made it:

Hook: 1mm,
Thread: #10 crochet cotton (light blue) and a little black embroidery thread for eyes

Ears: make two
Start: R1: 3 ch, dc in the very first chain, 3 more dc, 3 ch and turn
R2: 2sc in one dc, 1 sc, 2sc in one dc, 1 sc, 2sc in one dc, 1 ch and turn
R3: (sc in one sc)x8=8sc, ch and turn
R4: 1sc in 2 sc(dec), 1 sc, dec, 1 sc, dec, fastern off

Start: R1: 3 ch, sc in the 2nd ch from hook, 4sc in the same ch,
R2: without turning, keep working on the opposite side of the same chains
sc, 3sc in the same ch, sl st to join
R3: ch, sc 8 times, fastern off

Head: as simple as any crocheted balls/beads.
Start: R1:6 sc,sl st to join
R2:1ch, (2 sc in the same sc)x6=12sc,sl st to join
R3: 1ch, (1sc, 2sc in the same sc)x6=18sc, sl st to join
R4: 1ch, (2sc, 2sc in the same sc)x6=24sc, sl st to join
R5: 1ch, (3sc, 2sc in the same sc)x6=30sc, sl st to join
R6: 1ch, (4sc, 2sc in the same sc)x6=36sc, sl st to join
R7-11: 1ch, 36sc, sl st to join
R12: 1ch, (4sc, 1sc in the 2 sc(dec))x6=30sc, sl st to join
R13: 1ch, (3sc, dec)x6=24sc, sl st to join
R14: 1ch, (2sc, dec)x6=18sc, sl st to join
Sew ears and nose on, stitch the eyes+eyebrows (you can use black beads for eyes)
and stuff the head before continue to close the open,
R15: 1ch, (1sc, dec)x6=12sc, sl st to join
R16: 1ch, (dec)x6=6sc, fastern off

I hope the pattern is readable. 🙂 It’s no longer than 3cm at any dimension, thus good for cellphones. I can put it with the flower I made yesterday together also. They look sort weird on Mr. Y’s cellphone though.

wordpress supports LaTex format math formula now. gotta try it.

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