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Why are you coming to France?

How long have you been in France?

Why did you choose to study here (namely France)?

Can you even understand a little bit French?

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Return of the Classes

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I am in France again. We are going to have a 4-hour class tomorrow morning. Hopefully I can concentrate during the class. >_<

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Knitting weekend

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Do you know what is worse than being stuck away from home? The answer is being stuck away from home and losing the internet connections all the time. That is my weekend. The internet stopped working on Friday night. After the connection is back to work on Saturday afternoon, the signal remains unstable. Even right now, when I am typing, I got disconnected from time to time, which is extremely annoying. Besides, I accidentally deleted several movie files I haven’t watched on Saturday. This morning, I was waken up by three girls talking loudly in the corridor. I tried to take a nap after lunch, but I was waken up 20 min after by a girl and a lady who seemed to be her mother talking in the corridor AGAIN…..I really tried hard to enjoy the lonely weekend here, but miserable things don’t go away. 😦

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Chaos, sorted out

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I’ll stay here for the weekend. I could go home on Thursday afternoon, but it’s risky that I might not be able to come back on Monday, or even next week. The situation of railway services is not improving anyway. I hope the strike would be over soon.

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After the first week

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1. Trying To Be a Good Girl…, 2. ★ Little Red Riding Hood, 3. Dans mon Jardin :: les 6 insectes, 4. Untitled, 5. broken Heart, 6. I am cute!, 7. Elefunnel, 8. Silly Panda Hat, 9. 070919-s, 10. bennie-bungels, 11. Handmade slippers, 12. Kulla&Hippo, 13. Untitled, 14. Hey your new lenses are driving me up the wall, 15. Patch and his wagon, 16. Renni the Gnome Stitchery, 17. veggies_2, 18. 2 theaters, 19. Seasons embroidery, 20. book marks, 21. I have a lot of arms!, 22. bluecan 19, 23. love-bus, 24. FINISH!!, 25. #012, #013, #014, 26. wip, 27. Rudolpha Desk Plushie, 28. Wonky Pets-Lamont, 29. Twin Baby Green Snorks, 30. 消しゴムをプロデュ-ス, 31. Toy Love, 32. Even best friends argue…, 33. hellOo°, 34. MINI_by-Fifi, 35. they’re teaching themselves to play chess from a book, 36. vintage button checkers

The new semester starts and my passion for crafting suddenly disappeared. 😦 Anyway, I still check Flickr and my Google Reader daily so I’ve got quite a few projects I like. The above mosaic is made from my recent Flickr favorites.

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