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September 14, 2006 at 9:29 pm | Posted in All My Sketches, All My WIP | Leave a comment

I guess some of you might have been wondering where I have been. I didn’t have so much time for crafting lately due to my “heavy” workload….Besides 8h/day at work, I spent a little too much in watching old TV series this week……1983’s Condor Heroes, 1987’s Story of the Stone and 2004’s House MD in last 4 days.

Indeed, there is something I can do when watching TV. It’s crocheting! I got some soft acrylic yarns at half price last weekend and the color matches our “sofa” very much. Since winter is just a few months later, it would be very nice to have a blanket when watching TV in cold weather. ^^ Well, at the same time, it means I got a few months to finish this project.

I also tried a little painting recently. I haven’t used any (aquarelle) watercolors after primary school. So far as I rememberd, nobody taught me how to paint with watercolors. The art teacher from my (junior) high school prefers gouache, which colors are easier for us to “control”. He required us to use gouache in class and for homeworks, usually some color exercises. I was kind of brainwashed, telling myself watercolor is just for pro. On the other hand, I actually never used this kind of “solid” watercolor before, thereby I was quite nervous when I decided to start. Honestly, I stared at the colors and the cup of clear water for almost one hour before I can take up the pen.

At last, I did it. Even the touches are naive, the simple picture looks dirty, and even I was in a mess, I’m still satisfied, as it’s my first move. I hoped I can get used to the way handling colors. It’s so different from gouache and acrylic. Good luck for me! 🙂

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