Crocheted doily and numbers

September 5, 2006 at 6:10 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | Leave a comment

My new crafting “phase” always starts with crocheting, particularly doilies, as it’s so easy and enjoyable following the beautiful diagrams. And, here comes my newly finished blue doily, my first craft in the new place. ^^

This pattern was found on a shelf during my packing last week. The piece of paper just popped up suddenly and it took me a while to recall where it came from. It’s gooactually printed before I moved to this country. In addition, it was supposed to be tried on the plane, but I didn’t manage to make it. The little piece of pattern was left in the room until last week.

I cannot find the original picture file in my collection. And, I can no longer remember why I chose this pattern. The pattern looks not so special at the first sight (actually, it’s the second “first sight”). It was especially strange for me to picked a pattern which is made up of 13 parts of the same motif. You guys must be counting right now…..yep, it’s not 13 but 12. I did it in 12. 😛

However, I am not superstitious. I just don’t like any prime numbers bigger than 5. Hubby and I was talking a little about this weird fancy when the pattern showed up. We finally drew a conclusion that I dislike any numbers that have factor(s) other than 2, 3 and 5. That is, 9375 is lovely, while 975 is awful. I have to admit factorization is fun. 🙂

Get back to the original topic. The doily is not so big, just 10 rounds of stitches. However, it’s still large enough for our glass teapot. Now, you can see how green the window fram is and how green the outside is. ^^

As you can see in the above photo, the weather is super nice this week. My friend who set her MSN nick “The sun is kidnapped.” last month just changed it today to “The sun have been ransomed by us!”. That really made me laugh a lot this afternoon.:-D

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