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It’s Halloween, and it is a magic day! When we are on our way to Mensa (canteen in German) this noon, I said to hubby it would be great if they serve fish today. It turned out theyDID serve fish fillet today. 😮 However, the rest of the meal is terrible: nothing-but-carrot salad, smelling cream soup and mixed-berries yogurt. :-S That’s the “price” you must paid. 😛

Another mystical thing today is that I ended up in a craft website when I was browsing totally research-related websites. I swear I was really concentrated in my study. But the website just pop up via a link somewhere. 😀 It’s Lelli Unique Wire Jewellery from Canada. The red pendant on her homepage is amazing. I am not wearing any jewelleries but this pendant may be something I would like to wear someday.

red pendant from Lelli

Lelli’s works remind me another gorgerous jewellery designer Inês Batista from Portugual, who is also making wire jewelleries. Isn’t her dragonfly beautiful?

BTW: malimalihong is sort of a general spell used in some Chinese stories/fairytales. I couldn’t find its origin and explicit explanation. If you know anything about this spell, please drop me a message. 🙂

Nyanta cat

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TGIF. The tutorial in this morning was cancelled, thus I got an extra long weekend. After a nice nap in the afternoon, I started to look around my electronic craftbook collection. Miki Fujii(藤井美紀)’s cat Nyanta is my found.

Nyanta is a tabby cat as the main role of the series of applique designs in Cotton Friend since winter of 2003. It was from Ada’s blog that I saw the the whole series of totally 12 pieces corresponding to 12 months at the first time . Tao has also made her own version of Nyanta cats.

For those who can read Japanese, here is Miki Fujii’s short profile.

I didn’t find much her information via search engines. There is no book from her in As it is said in the profile, she has/is going to have some book(s) published. I am quite looking forward to her designs.

She also has a few craft kits of stuffed Nyanta selling on All the little sets are very inspiring. Chikaty posted her Nyanta cats in her blog. The fabrics used for the softies make the sets so traditional, while the figures are quite contemporary. I think she made a good combination. For more tradional designs from here, see the set of fabric pictures.


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apartment view

Colorful stamps

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© AKKYUN; all rights reserved.
Although I had actually planned two projects for this halloween since July (as I was quite free at that moment), I only managed to make the little ghost so far. There are still a few days, but I dont think it’s possible for me to start&finish another project in 1 week. 😦 However, I am sort of compensated by the above picture from Akkyun. The purple gown is just perfect for such a lovely witch. :-)I love purple, and I love witch. That’s why I love this stamp so much.

The most popular craftbooks of rubber stamps from Japan, such Hankoya Shokado‘s and komagomaya‘s, are usually showing monochromical patterns. In that case, readers and authors may focus more on carving techniques than on colors/inks. In fact, there is another “style”. Yamada Yasuyuk is typically working in this way.

He has two books (ISBN4331510727 and 4837306284 respectively) published by some “not-so-famous” publishers, which is the reason I think he is not as popular as Hankoya Shokado and Komagomaya. I especially love the cover of latter one(Rubber stamping of four seasons). He used close colors to produce layers with simple stamps. The results are amazing! I would rather call it painting instead of stamp carving. Check his photo albums on livedoor for more of his stamped pictures. I really want to have some of his (fake) post-stamps.

BTW: Cuebee have produce probably the cutest stamp bookplates(Ex Libris) I’ve ever seen. Dont miss her/his (post)stamps there either!

Calendarbook for the new academic year

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It’s another difference between Canada and Germany. I could always have a few choices of free calendarbooks at the beginning of an academic year in Canada, while it is not the case in Germany. In fact, I sort of have been used to such an “organized” study because of those nice free calendar books. (My favorite was always the one from the graduate school of my last university every year.) I am going to take 5 or 6 courses this semester and I am already messed up by tons of trival things before the semester ever start. It seems a calendarbook is already a must-have accessory for me (for my study).

There are some calendar books in book stores, stationery stores and even department stores. Usually the price is much nicer than the product. And mostly they are designed for year 2007. What should I do in the last 3 months of 2006 if I get such a book? After a few searches around downtown, I decided to make my own calendar book.

I spent half an hour after lunch for 3 days working on print-out pages with MS Word. Alignment is a little difficult for typesetting on both sides, especially when I chose to print every two pages together. I believe there must be a better/more professional way to handle the printer of a brand I never heard about. However, I ended up with the simplest, probably the most stupid, way. Here are the pages I used.

All the efforts I made for the “alignments” were ruined by the mistake I made during the binding. I cut half of the pages “a little” too much so that the inside of the book looks not so symmetric.

I think this could make my book “unique” (what a good excuse), so I didn’t correct them. 😛

As for the cover, I used a piece of transparent plastic (I dunno how to call that stuff, which is usually used for making slides) and a piece of nice white cardstock with texture on it. ^^ Blank is too boring. That’s why I filled it with my amateurish painting….It was inspired by Jerry’s words about cats sitting on roof at night as well as another friend’s MSN icon. It turned out the cardstock is not friendly for watercolor…..I sort of failed to get the dark colors that I expected. Anyway, the painting did entertain myself. 🙂

No, no, it is not finished yet. Hubby warned me about the sharp corners of cover pages when he helped me with the binding. Then, I feel like I MUST give the book a nice nice cover. Well, fabric bookcovers are something TOO popular around the world. There are even craftbooks specialized for bookcovers in Japan. I choose crochet myself a cover with my favorite yarns. ^^ Moreover, it’s consonant with my cellphone cover and my DC cover. All the covers are my own design. 🙂

Now, I have a totally new calendar book. I would never worry about my crazy schedule again. Temporary memory lost wont hurt any more. 😛

BTW. It will be my first entry of whiplash (ACCESSORIES) for the design category.

whipup 🙂


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I have been away from (online) crafting world for quite a while. The first thing I found in whipup depressed me a little, as I’ve been thinking and planning making my own hand printed fabrics since I came here 8 months ago.

There are really few places selling fabrics in this small city even this city is capital of a state. I brought two favorite inkpads with me to here, so my approach will be simply using pigment inkpads. Previous stamping project was sort of experiment looking for a way to keep diversity of patterns with less carving. I am still not so sure whether the ink is permanent if I stamp onto muslin and iron it. This will be the most important experiment before my final project.

Anyway, I dont feel like carrying out this project any more. 😦 It will be postponed for at least half a year…..I always hate doing the same things as 3+ ppl unless anyone, including myself, can convince me that I can be unique.


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Last week was a busy week, then this week is definitely a crazy week……Our department offered a 5-day prep-course for new students, which is quite tight for people who has no background at all: me. -.-

No matter how crazy it is, crafting has been part of my life. The amigurumi ghost was made last week for Halloween. It is quite tiny (4cm high). I used a 2mm crochet hook and #10 cotton thread. I thought I may be able to produce a little larger

The two little eyes are lovely black beads I got from cornflakegirl. Thanks! This tiny boo ghost is inspired from a pattern I didn’t manage to save it! I am not quite satisfied with its neck. Maybe it is just an experiment, if I make another one later. Probably I won’t….:P

The pattern (it’s NOT standard pattern):
Body (from the bottom):
Loop START->
Arm X 2:
Loop START->

Quite simple, right?

Busy week

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It has been quite a busy week. Hubby got a new paper deadline to meet right after he came back. He works over time almost everyday. Same on my side. I got some extra job tasks to finish before classes start next week. Besides, I got some extra housework too!

We picked “a little” chestnuts near our building on Unity day, when shopping is not a choice as no store is open. We have actually learned a little biology lesson, i.e. the difference between sweet chestnuts and poisonous ones. We are lucky enough to have a good one so close.:-D In fact, the chestnut tree we found on campus is not good at all.

The chestnut one the left is a sweet chestnut, good for eat. You can see a short white flower tail on its bottom, which is not on the bad ones. On the other side, the ugly green fruit and the nut on the right are horse-chestnuts, which are poisonous, not fatal poisonous though.

As I have said a month ago, I have been waiting for chestnut picking season since I arrive here. However, those chestnuts also lead imply toublesome processing. I tried every “convenient” method I found online to take off the shells, but my thumbnail really hurts just after I finished less than half of them. 😦

As for crafts, I finally managed to start and finish my apron. It’s from the jean shirt I got from fleamarket last month. I tried to preserve as many elements from the shirt as I can, such as the V-shape seams on the back and the front of shirt, the seams on the shoulder, the bottons and botton-holes and the sleeves, of course. In that case, I can sew much less. As a result, the apron looks a little abnormal, however, it fits me very well. It doesn’t fit hubby, which he said it was a good thing (a good reason for him to be away from kitchen-.-).

1 | 2
4 5

1. The V-shape on the front of apron, and was on the back of the shirt.
2. How the apron is tied with button and button hole, which were also a part of the shirt.
3. The band I can adjust around my neck, using the top pair of button/hole on the shirt. This part, the apron and the belts were cut as a whole.
4. I added a short band to make a “good shape”.
5. The pocket was the front piece of the shirt, I just loved adding some asymmetric elements to my apron. The small pocket remains where I was. I am going to use it to keep some cheat recipe sheets. 😀 And the big one is for the pair of sleeve covers, which were originally sleeves of the shirt.

Yeah, now I have an apron and sleeve covers, and I am definitely ready for more dirty housework…..:-P

Have a nice Moon-cake festival! 🙂

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