Autumn is almost here

September 6, 2006 at 5:36 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | Leave a comment

If there must be an answer about my favorite season, it would be autumn, I guess. I was brought up in a city with broiling summers (40+°C) and freezing winters (-10°C). Autumns are usually the most comfortable there. (Hey, the green season is no doubt my last choice!) It’s already September and there are actually some acorns on the pathways around our building. Although the acorns are still green, every piece of them is telling me that autumn is coming. I’m really looking forward to the chestnut picking time since the very first time my hubby told me about this city. Yeah, it’s almost here…

Another sign of autumn is the pumpkin theme of advertising, e.g. the flyers from local stores: the cover is always a combination of orange, yellow and red. 😀 I can easily find a page that I like. I did use some pages to wrap up my new pencil vase.

My hubby complained a little about not being able to find a pen quickly after we moved, coz the old pringles can was discarded and the pens are scattered in every box. Fortunately I kept two carton rolls which was for the crochet threads. The threads are always rolled to a ball after I bring them home. (Having kept two of them was another story during moving.) 😛 Even more fortunately, I’ve got a lid (the jar is used to for toothbruches in the bathroom^^) that fits the roll very well. They make a perfect pencil vase!

In addition to the “wrapping”, I also cut off some cute creatures from another flyer to cover the edge and the words (prices) on the roll. I’m not sure whether it is decoupage or not. What I am sure is the combination of gnomes, flowers and other cuties make my pencil vase unique. 🙂

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