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September 29, 2006 at 8:30 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Books | 2 Comments

My hubby asked for a bookmark when he was leaving for a flight a few days ago. My moo bookmark was in a book I read recently. Instead of my mini moo, I gave him a piece of notecard for his onboard reading. After he left, I started thinking maybe I should make more bookmarks as our books are getting more.

I just saw an online album with a really nice pattern book of crocheted bookmarks last week. I went directly to my favorite directory to get the link quickly. Sadly, it turns out the ID (not just the album) had been deleted. It’s possibly removed by the site admin, as this happened to many other links I saved from this website. The website may consider such photo albums as piracy, which is sort of reasonable. (I doubt if this will ever happen to photos in 163.com.hmm….) I didn’t got a chance to take a look at the cover before it’s gone. 😦 The only thing I can find now is some blurry covers from ebay.

Because of this sad story, I was a little too sad to looking for other free online patterns. Though, I didn’t give up making one bookmark. After drawing a few sketches ,and some counting, of course, I made my own crocheted bookmark today. I would rather start crocheting earlier if I knew some stitch numbers I counted from my sketches was WRONG. Shame on me. 😛

The pattern may be more interesting if I use threads of some other colors. However, I think the creamy color fits our big old book. I also omitted the lacy edges which was in my original idea. The curly curves are absolutely NOT me. 😛

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