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What is your favorite way to consume the yarns in your stash? I usually choose to make a scarf, either by crocheting or by knitting. I had this skein of blue sock yarn. After I realized I would not knit any socks in the close future, I cannot stop thinking of getting rid of it. I showed the yarn to Mr Y and offered to make a hat or whatsoever for him before this winter ends, but all my offers got turned down. Then, I would just knit a scarf with one of the very first stitches I’ve learned 10+ years ago. Surprisedly, Mr Y likes the scarf so much that claimed it as his scarf when it’s only half way finished and started wearing it immediately after I finished off. He was even reluctant to give it back to me for photograph. The picture above was taken when he was still in bed……The stitch is called the plain Brioche stitch or the prime rib stitch. In Chinese, it’s called 元宝针. Back in November, a Chinese friend asked me about this stitch and that’s how I recall doing it. The stitch is perfect for a scarf, as the scarf would be reversible. I only learned how to knit it in an English style but not in the continental style. It turns out to be even simpler continentally:

(multiple of 3 stitches) For all rows, * put the yarn in front, slip stitch purlwise together with the yarn (that is, 2 stitches on the right needle), put the yarn to the back and knit the next two stitches together, repeat from *.

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