A Snapshot of my Vacation

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Although this vacation is the longest vacation in the past few years, only half of it is enjoyable. Mr. Y got a flu when we were visiting my grandma. It lasted so long that I was also infected at the very last day of the vacation, just the day before we took off. I was so miserable on the flight back to Germany. *sneeze Due to the cold, I have to stay away all the delicious snacks I brought back. 😦

Craft supplies are much cheaper in China. Most craft people (Chinese who live in other country) I knew try to get as many craft supplies as they can when they visit home. I thought I would do the same thing before I went back, but I didn’t. I am not sure why it is like that. Maybe I was just too lazy to go shopping. 😛 The bamboo circulars are the only craft things I bought in China. It cost less than 4RMB (roughly €40 cents) each. The one shown in the picture above is size 11. The same thing from Clover costs almost 10 USD in JoAnn. However, my mother-in-law told me there should be a better price. The circulars look so simple that she suggested me to make some by myself. 😛 I also got a few sets of old bamboo needles from my aunt. Unlike the metal ones, the older the bamboo needles are, the better.

I am probably going to spend more time knitting this year. For this moment, I need to finish the scarf first. A high school friend took my old crocheted scarf when we met in Guangzhou. This could be one of the reasons I caught the cold. The pattern is Easy Lace Scarf by Knitter’s Review. As told by the name, this lace pattern is really easy to knit. I like its wavy feel. However, I didn’t have enough yarn to finish it back in China because I brought the wrong ball of yarn! Hopefully, I can finish it soon. This month will be a crazy month for me. :-S

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