Back from the city of bears

August 26, 2007 at 10:18 pm | Posted in Travel | Leave a comment

I came back home on Friday. It takes a while for me to recover and to process the pictures. 🙂

Thanks to my randomly-wandering-around plan, I got myself totally exhausted at the end of my second day in Berlin after covering almost all the tourist sites. We stayed in the historical area and the hotel are so close to those major sites, but Berlin is just too large: everything is larger than it looks and everything that looks close may be far away…..I should have make more use of the convenient public transportation system.

Although Berlin is sort of different from all the other cities I’ve been to, there are not many surprises, at least for me. One of the reason might be that I didn’t manage to go to any craft/fabric stores as I planned to. I got home sick very soon. The online plans/guides all look so boring. My last morning there was spent in some non-tourist shopping and I got a pair of pants in a chain store which can also be find at home.

I still brought home some souvenirs: 1) 3 post cards, one of which arrived home before I did (that’s really interesting to talk to myself via postcards); 2) a small wine glass; 3) an English book from a reduced-price bookstore chain; 4) two miniature books; 5) many free booklets/maps I collected around the city; 6) 3 huge blisters on my feet and 7) a bunch of pictures.

There are a few things I like about this trip: German Historical Museum where I spent a whole morning, the miniature-book store in Nicolai quarter and the city bear in Köllnischer Park. I found the last two places by chance. (Both are close to the hotel, which is also said to be a historical site.) Seeing the bear walking around definitely makes my day.

Please ignore the weird sound in the video. 😛

The teddy and doll stores in Nicolai Quarter have many expensive collectible dolls/teddies inside, however I am more interested in their ad bears. Kind of missing my big teddy living on the other side of the earth…….

Here is where we stayed:

Berlin main station
weird looking House of World Culture
New palace in Postdam
The famous Berlin wall in East side gallery.

The trip is not so exiting, but the city is ok. I would still be interested in another visit in the future!

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