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The weather has been very joyful lately. The temperature suddenly jumped from around 0 degree to 20 degree. It has been sunny almost everyday in the last two weeks. I am glad that I have made little K a sun hat before the winter was expelled by the warm sunshine.

It took me one hour or so to collect the tutorials and patterns available online and 1 min to decide not to follow any of them. Instead, I used the pattern from the book シマシマの本 ― ボーダー布を使って gnip sent me quite a while ago. The book came with a WAWA. It’s about using striped fabrics, all kinds of them. I never told gnip how much I liked this book, coz I think the best way to show my appreciation is to make something inspired by the book. Although the book has given me quite some inspirations in the past, it is my first time to really follow a pattern in the book.

When I was showing Mr. Y the pattern before I started copying it, he reminded me that the pattern is for toddlers, not babies. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have a bigger hat than one that is too small. I can always attach an elastic band or do something like the hat from Me Sew Crazy later. In the worst case, I can always adjust the pattern to make another one.

I was using some IKEA scraps from a previous secret project. One of the advantages making things for babies is that the items are usually TINY. It’s so simple that I made the whole thing before little K woke up from her morning nap time (1 hour?). The hat came out nicely and it just fits! I guess, either I mistook the pattern or little K’s head is as big as average Japanese toddlers.

It was fun to work on small projects like this while little K’s napping. It’s somehow like a very exciting race. The award is her waking up smile.  🙂 Thanks to my lovely sewing machine and thanks to gnip!

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  1. Hi I am trying to get a print of your triple crochet snowflake pattern but the link is not working. Would you be able to email it to me please?

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