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February 12, 2011 at 10:47 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 2 Comments

When Mr Y was preparing the apartment for little K’s arrival from the hospital, he moved my sewing machine to the cellar. 10 weeks later, he brought it back as he need me to make something to protect his new toy. It could be much easier if he hasn’t research on commercial Kindle cases/covers. He started like “I just want something really simple….” However, there is a long list of hidden requirements attached to the word “simple”. He has rejected all the handmade Kindles cases tutorials/patterns that I could find from the internet, so I have to whip up my own.  He even found one nice tutorial himself but then told me that case is too lousy. Clearly, the leather cover from Amazon was his standard. I “simple-ly” told him not even to think about it.

It was not easy to communicate with customers who knows little about crafting. I need to understand what he wants and explain what I can do. Mr. Y wanted the case ASAP, which means I need to stick to the materials I already have. Therefore, I showed him what I have (in another box that had been moved to the cellar) and explained roughly what kind of case I can possibly make with those stuffs.  I cannot remember when was the last time he asked me to make something for him (not including cooking), but I am sure it is his first time to go through my stash. More than half of my fabrics was from friends. Most of them are in small pieces that are perfect for dolls and mini plushes. I ruled out the possibility of patching up the small fabrics as it would be too feminine for him and too time consuming for me. Given the limited resources, we didn’t spend much time selecting the fabrics. I hope  could remind Mr. Y of who was always complaining when I was window-shopping fabrics. 😀

The sleeve was indeed very simple. It’s a scaled version of Mr. Y’s cellphone case. The sewing was done in a nearly insane way when little K was napping last Sunday afternoon (the sewing machine was not in the same room as little K). Since the customer doesn’t care about seams and any other technical (crafting) aspects, I tried to use the sewing machine as much as possible to minimize the time. For instance, the initials on the sleeves were actually my lazy way of fixing the fabric sandwiches together without basting. 😛 The bright side of free work is that I can pretend not seeing so many flaws and Mr. Y has to accept this sleeve no matter what because I don’t have time/materials for another one!


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  1. The case looks very stylish – well done!

  2. Love your writing! and love the tips! I will take these with me through my journey of being the best I can be!

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