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Being an extremely negative person who used to see only the bad aspects of everything, I felt a little ashamed of this title. On the other hand, this is meant to encourage myself to stay positive, especially when it comes to being a new parent.

Speaking of parenting, there are all kinds of discussions/news recently related to this controversial excerpt from Amy Chua’s new book. As a “victim” of really Chinese parenting, I wouldn’t do what Amy Chua did to my little K. Every child is an individual. There’s no one single method that works for everyone. What worked for my big sister gave me such a negative viewpoint of the world.

In my view, happiness is far more important than the so-called “success”, mostly in terms of successful careers.  I hope I could make little K a happy girl. In order to show her the cheerful world, I need to be more positive myself. I am still learning and little K is helping with her encouraging sweet smiles. 🙂 It is NOT easy to be a baby. She need to go through so many pains and miseries, but she smiles when the pains go away. All I can do is to make it as comfortable for her as possible, for example, to keep her upright for 1+ hour after feedings. When she sleeps in my arms or on my chest, I can read, or sometimes knit a bit. One day, this vest is finished and little K has also made progress. It does not seem so difficult to stay calm as it was at the beginning any more. Knitting cables is not so difficult as before as well. 😀

The pattern is Pembroke from Petite Purls, delicate but fairly straightforward to make. My stitches were a little too tight. While I followed the pattern for 6-month-old, the vest fits little K already. It’s not for her. 😛

BTW: I recently watched the latest season of Amazing Race. Brook from the runner-up team is probably the most positive person in the world. 😀



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  1. That vest looks great – cute cables 🙂

  2. 这件小背心真养眼。左肩的扣子得很灰常好~~//摸~~

  3. Good to hear that little K is not going to get the full Amy Chua treatment.

  4. 好看,手艺不错嘛

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