Project #001 of 2010

January 28, 2010 at 1:16 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | 1 Comment
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That’s my birthday gift from last year, although the kit only arrived this year due to some delivery dramas. Don’t get it wrong. The gift was a Revell model kit rather than the finished model and I like it this way. 🙂

I’ve never got the chance to try such plastic models before, partially because the majority of the models are military ones that do no interest me at all and partially because they were much more expensive than the toys/models my dad can make for me or help me to make. I don’t fancy them until Mr. Y got me this kit. As a passive viewer of TV series “Lost“, I like this minibus model a lot. I even had it on my favorite car list when we were looking for a car. 😛

Assembling it is time consuming and also fun experience working with Mr. Y at the same time. He’s obviously more motivated than I am to finish it. It’s not so frequent that we can do handcrafts together as we have totally different hobbies.  It didn’t come as I would like it to be, but given it’s my first hands-on experience with this type of model building, I am rather satisfied to see it did look like the real bus. Thanks to my little cute camera and GIMP, most of the flaws due to my fault are unseen from the picture. 😀 More specific, it was Mr. Y who decided to skip the last step of attaching those tiny decals.

We have already started looking for the next model we both like. 🙂

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  1. What a cool project, and it turned out really nice. I’d love to build a kit like that too one day, I think I have an airplane lying around somewhere.

    The van is one of my favorites too!

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