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It was the coldest week here since I moved here. It was quite an active week for me, partly because of Bec’s short visit to town. She came back for her final defense and left 2 days after. The defense was no doubt successful. Accordingly, she’s got a big title now. I cannot find any excuses not to prepare something for this important event. I couldn’t decided until the week is finally approaching, when I still had at least 3 potential projects in front of me, not mentioning the ones being withdrew earlier. (Bec, I assure you that you don’t want to know what kind of weird things used to pop up in my mind.) Then, time constraint became an issue, which made the selection much simpler. *shy*Anyway, congratulations, Bec!

Bec is a tea expert, so I figured a university mug with a handmade cozy would be useful for her. Although it sounds simple, it still took me a few attempts to have a satisfying one. At the end, I got pretty excited when I finished off stitching her last name on the piece. The final version is the simplest approach in my mind. In other words, sadly, the other more complicated plans didn’t work out. 😦 I didn’t unravel the first ugly prototype, but gave it to Bec together with the leftover yarn. I am sure she can make even a better one.

I also wrote down the pattern, or rather an instruction today. There’s nothing innovative inside this project. I don’t see it so different from any other handmade mug cozies. In this case, it is more interesting to tell people how to figure out the right pattern that fits the mug/cup since not many people would be able to find a cup of the same size. (The university mug is definitely not the most common type of mug.) I don’t care so much about the number of stitches myself when I made it. The pattern is described in a generalized manner. I called it “Universal Mug Cozy“. I hope this could help people to develop more exciting variants. (When I was working on this, I somehow had the weird feeling that I am writing a survey paper of some sort. :P)

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