Little school kid

December 21, 2009 at 2:30 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | Leave a comment

A major change to my regular routine in the last few months is that I am attending some classes in the university now. I am after the credit points and I am expect any kinds of intensive learning. It is simply making me happy to take 2 hours off research every few days and hopefully I can actually grab something new and useful at the mean time. 😛 Therefore, it does not matter so much whether the teacher’s good or the contents are interesting. I had no concrete plan on how long I was going to stay in the classes at the beginning. The plastic bag I used to hold the course materials began to be torn apart after 2 months. I figured it gotta be the best time to make myself a little tote as a reward for learning. 😀

I was definitely planning to use some new fabrics Jerry sent me last year, but I couldn’t resist to cut Mr. Y’s old t-shirt at the end as it is much more relaxed to work on recycled materials. The tee became unwearable due to a laundry accident, however the fabric itself is in good condition. The bag is rather simple to make. It took a little more than 1 hour. The bag is very strong. I usually have No additional materials but the t-shirt and some regular sewing threads are used. I would be happy to sketch the pattern someday, though after I answer all the recent requests on patterns/tutorials.  😉

When going to the German class with this bag, I couldn’t stop having the old rhyme about school kid in my head. My dad used to sing this song for me all the time. I supposed he was proud to see me going to school. The title was “读书郎”.

For who knows Chinese, there’s a Xiangsheng/crosstalk (special talk show form in China) related to this song, quite classical.

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