Awake like an owl

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I don’t know about the others, but it’s generally more challenging and more time-consuming to prepare handmade gifts for those who do crafting themselves than for the others as the standard and the expectation are always much higher. I would rather withdraw the craft project if it is not going to the right direction. This happened now and then and it’s why my good crafting friends are not getting gifts so often.

On the other hand, if I am lucky to crack the challenge, some pieces would come out really great. I’ll consider this macramé owl one of them. Except for the bittersweet frustration due to this project, I probably made a good bet on this one since Bec, the current owner, seems to like it. 🙂

Bec is the first person here to have craft-related conversations with me. It’s a little sad that she’s leaving here so soon. On the bright side, I’ve got one more place on my “to-visit” list. 🙂 I’ve been thinking of something for her since she told me her plan. It’s also one of the reasons I put up a poll last month. I probably had too many options in that poll so that the results were still not significant after 2 weeks. And, to my surprise, macramé is the first option that reaches 2 votes. The reason I had the option was just that CraftyPod’s review of the book Micro-Macramé reminded me of some good old time. The votes are probably not from Bec, but she used to told me owl is one of her favorite animals, so I decided to make an owl for her with macramé, which could be a good surprise. 😛

After the project planning, I spent a few more weeks on research, or more precisely, in searching. Olly the Owl provides 3 free patterns. There are quite some macrame books having owls on the cover, but none of them really fits my imagination of a cute owl until I saw the Japanese book やさしいプロセス 新・マクラメの本. The little owl on the cover is perfect. Still, I couldn’t resist to add my own touch to it, because the owl both of us are familiar with has two triangle ears!

One more trivial thing about the owl. I was going to use a tree branch I collected from the forest here but Mr Y warned me about the very strict immigration rules in the southern country. Pool Mr. Owl, he can only stand on a fake stick. 😛


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  1. Oh, he’s adorable!!
    I’m so jealous….I was hoping that the link to Olly was the pattern that you used.

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