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I got my first pair of shining embroidery scissors from Metz back in February. Since then, I’ve been worried about the cute sharp tips being damaged under all kinds of circumstances, not to mention things are falling off my desks almost everyday. I figured it would be nice if the scissors, especially the sharp tips, are better protected. And that is the source of this crochet project.

It took me one night to make this case, but quite a few month to finish writing/drawing the pattern. There is almost no cutting involved, but it is a little tricky to make. Here is the Scissor Cover Pattern. I would extremely appreciate if anyone is willing to try out the pattern. I am sure there are a lot of errors in this pattern. Let me know if you find some.

Pattern available on Ravelry



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  1. Cool. Nice write-up too. This is not the best time for me to be starting a new project, but I’ve added it to my to-do list 🙂

    • there are more patterns coming~:)

  2. […] The worst scenario would be no one wants to try it. It’s especially the case for the scissor cover pattern, which is just not the usual type of patterns that would attract many.  Therefore, I was […]

  3. In rnd 13 of the Scissor cover, it says: ch3, * ch 2, dc at the first st of previous round, dc 3 in the 3 ch of previous rnd, ch 3, dc 3 in the same 3 ch as last dc 3, dc in the hdc, repeat from , ch 2, dc in the end of last rnd, sl st to join.

    1. where is the “first st of previous round”? 2. the hdc’s are two rows behind… what do I do? 3. what’s the “end of last round”? Where am I joining?

    • 1. “the first st of previous round”, I actually meant the second chain of the previous round (I consider the two ch as a hdc) 2. there is a hdc in Rnd 12 3. “the end of last round” means the sl st from Rnd 12, i.e. where you joined

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