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June 30, 2009 at 4:05 pm | Posted in All My Sketches | 2 Comments
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It’s been the most summer-like summer since I’ve been here. 30C is no wonder a perfect summer temperature for me. It’s warm enough to do anything typical for summer, e.g. wearing summer dresses, consuming tons of icy food, etc.,  but not hot enough to get people frustrated. It is a little overwhelming to work in the air-conditioner-free office after lunch, which gives me a good excuse to get myself distracted, for instance, some not-so-serious sketching.

Many people know that I like fat cats. When it comes to dogs, I also prefer cute large smart dogs like Beethoven from the film.  I found another dog I really liked recently, that is, Sadaharu from Gin Tama(Japanese animation series). He is so huge and so innocent at the same time. I thought he was a cute cat at the first sight in the first episode until he started to put someone’s head into his mouth. Even then, he still looks so innocent that no one would blame him. Such a typical scene from the anime naturally became the inspiration of my sketch yesterday: Sadaharu with Gintoki’s head in his mouth. There was no blood on Gintoki’s face originally. Two friends complained about Gintoki’s clean face when they saw the sketch, so I added the blood and everyone is satisfied except for Gintoki. 😉

I had another sketch this afternoon. It is Gintoki’s most “handsome” look according to the friend who requested this sketch and introduced me to the anime. I have to admit that I am still not good at figure drawing and I cheated. I copied, or, more precisely, transferred the approximate outline from the monitor and added the details afterward. It’s so much easier and more enjoyable to draw without worrying about the proportions or perspectives.  😛


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  1. Who do you work for? little girls raped i liked this. that girl was so hot. anyone know who she is please post her name on my wall

  2. Could I have a statement, please? preeteen model photo lol I wonder how many people were disappointed that there wasn’t any of this in the TV show Brothers and Sisters…

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