Slow….but making progress

April 29, 2009 at 9:02 pm | Posted in All My WIP | Leave a comment
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That’s the project I promised to show earlier this week. If you are thinking that I am working on a new doll, then you are wrong. She is Natalie! Her previous outfit looks very heavy and not summer-friendly, not mentioning that one shoe went missing in Prague. I decided to give her a new look for the summer last weekend.

When it comes to a make over, the first thing is of course her uncontrollable hairs. Now, she’s got even more hair but all under control. ^o^  As for the outfit, the pattern for her knit summer dress still needs more trials. Hopefully I can finish it before my next trip. It was not very pleasant to strip things off her (the head with no hairs, away from the body which only got underwear on it :P), but the effort shows eventually.

I’m very happy this week so far that I am making small progress everyday, slowly but steadily. There are no urgent deadlines for now, so I can actually enjoy what I am up to, just like this craft project I am working on.

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