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March 20, 2009 at 4:02 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | 3 Comments
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Obviously, I am much more efficient in crafting than in blogging. On the other hand, crafting is much easier than blogging for me, especially when there are some great motivations. It’s at least the case for this sofa cover. Before I started, I had a plan in my head to break up the project into modules in order to make the best out of one day. It works.

You may remember the fabrics I used for the curtains before new year, but I still used half of what I have. However, Mr. Y has been very negative about me making a sofa cover by myself. He said it was too time-consuming: I spent one day on the curtains so a sofa cover is gonna take forever.  I don’t his logic. I also know he’ll blame me for getting unwanted fabrics someday in the future although it was not my decision to get them.  The only thing I can do is not to argue but to make the sofa cover in a reasonable amount of time. Hence, I started (after 10 AM) on a Sunday morning on the cover.  I finished the whole thing, from planning to the final hemming before 10PM and still managed prepare all the meals including the lunch boxes for Monday.

Now, the stupid fabrics dominates our living room, teasing me all the time. It may be great to prove myself but after all it’s extremely pathetic to have a husband who does not believe in me and never stand by my side.


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  1. Well, I like the blue color. So I think it’s not bad as a sofa cover. And it’s not bad to use the unwanted fabric in this kind of high-fabric-consuming project. ^++++^

  2. I guess if Mr. Y believes in you, you might not finish it in such an efficient way 😀

    • Not really…..in any case, I would try to finish my project in one day.

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