The second bunch

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If you are wondering why the title of this blog entry is “the second bunch”, you must have missed/forgotten the first bunch that I posted a few while ago. The last bunch is from cardboards. This time, the coasters are made from pages of the campus magazine I have been using for my weaving projects quite a few times. I might try some other material to make the third bunch in the future. It is always nice quick projects to make coasters. I’ve already got all types/sizes of coasters all over my place, causing a little mess. Maybe a coaster holder is more urgent than the third bunch. 😛 The good thing is I can find a coaster whenever and wherever I am putting a cup down.

The 3 coasters are obviously different from each other.

The square woven one maybe boring for some people, including me. It’s the most straightforward way to weave with strips and the shape is so ordinary. No creativity is required! I guess I was sort of cheating to include this one in the “bunch”….well….two coasters don’t make a bunch in my opinion. 😛 I suppose the coaster should be more interesting if there are colors on it, but it would not very consistent with the others then. After all, it’s usually  to have an average guy in a group. 😀

I love this one a lot. Although I’ve tried the same technique (triaxial weaving) to make the basket box before, it is still a little confusing to weave the magazine strips together. The color make it difficult to track down the strips especially when I was watching Doctor Who at the same time. I gave up after a few attempts. The strips are divided into groups and than marked with markers……the color can only be seen from the back……yeah….I cheated again in order to finish quickly. Unexpectedly, this coaster assembles my previous patchwork coaster (2004 winter) in shape. 😀

I have to say this one is my favorite. It is actually finished first among the three. I was rolling paper beads the other day and suddenly I realized the magazine pages should be strong enough to make such sticks as firm as wood or bamboo. The size of the sticks is perfect for a coaster. When it comes to assembling, the first thing in my mind is bamboo clips, that is, bamboo books from ancient China before paper is invented. I think the binding works perfectly with the paper sticks. It should be straightforward for the next step to have pictures over the sticks similar to these pencils.  There are so many possible “future work”…:D

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