New Year….Happy?….Maybe….

January 12, 2009 at 4:06 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | 4 Comments
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The home-made calendars from the print-outs and some old posters have been in our apartment for a few days, but I haven’t type in anything here.  I was too busy with work though the holidays thanks to whoever made the data release Dec. 22 night and the deadline Jan 5. I took a short break in between which ended up to the worst birthday in my life.  I think I am mentally ill right now and never gonna recover. In any case, let’s talk about crafts, the last happy corner which is also getting smaller and smaller.

The curtains in our living room was the last project I finished in 2008. Many people would recognize this IKEA fabrics. It was not in my consideration at all. I was just not allowed to buy my favorite one for it’s black and white. So, we have this, 25% more expensive. It’s not ugly. It’s just horrible to lose control on my own project and it is even more horrible to keep the project to next year. Hence, I forced myself to finish the curtains before the sad 2008 ends.

It took me around 4 hours to make the two pieces, including measuring, planning, calculating, cutting and sewing. (started after 3PM, cooked dinner at 5PM, resumed after 7:30 and finished before 10PM.) I suppose it is not too long for the first time.  When I told my husband that I may be able to use the rest of the fabrics to make a sofa cover, he said “no, no, it would take too long.  These simple curtains already took you so long to make.” so….let the fabrics go to HELL. I hate to work without getting any appreciation.

Another thing I made through the holidays is the pair of Fetching. It’s indeed a easy quick knitting project as described in Knitty. I started on Dec. 31 and finished on the first day of 2009. I hope it would mean a nice fresh start for me, but I know the wound from 2008 would never heal, just like I would never wear the ridiculous ring I throwed away in 2008.


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  1. I’d be very impressed if I could make a pair of curtains in under 4 hours – well done.

    Here’s to making 2009 a happy year!

    • Thanks!

      2008 is my least productive year of the last 5 years in terms of crafting. 2009 should at least be better from this aspect. 🙂

  2. I just discovered your blog and wow-I love it! So much creativity here. I really like your bottle cap memory game, great idea! I’ll be linking to that and I’m adding you to my Reader as well.

    I like your curtains and think that four hours isn’t too much time to spend when you think of all curtains do for you!

  3. […] may remember the fabrics I used for the curtains before new year, but I still used half of what I have. However, Mr. Y has been very negative about me making a sofa […]

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