Paper manic

December 16, 2008 at 1:04 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Books, Craft - People | 1 Comment

Thanks to extremely amazing Jeff Rudell, I have been obsessed with paper for quite a while. He is the person who made Craftstylish so different from the other crafting sites, e.g. CraftZine.

I was murmuring all the time that I must make a mobile. One day, Mr. Y suggested me to make him a dolphin, which is sort of a special animal for him.  Card stocks are obviously the most accessible. It took me 1 month to actually carry it out. I am a little surprised that he is satisfied with the result. He was very reluctant when I told him I wanted to give it to Bec. Sorry, Bec~:P

In the meantime, I am still learning origami by reading many books, one of which is Viva! Origami by Jun Maekawa. The devil on the cover is just too cute, but it is still too complex for me. My first try with this book is a peacock. It is from a page from the local telephone book. It seems phone book pages using for folding are as good as baking paper.  The output can sometimes unexpectable due the the colors on the page, just like the peacock.

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  1. […] to practice a little myself to ensure that I be the origami master in this household. I picked up Jun Maekawa’s “Viva Origami” again and tried out a few more models in it. The reindeer are are among them. I can see myself […]

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