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November 29, 2008 at 8:19 am | Posted in Misc. | 2 Comments
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Tuesday night, when I arrived home, there is a huge parcel in front of our door. It is from Jerry. The box was stuffed with a lot of nice gifts, so many surprises, which cheered me up during the rest of the week.

I have been in love with Jerry’s OOAK “Tommy Hilfiger” demin donkey since the first time I saw the picture. I couldn’t believe now it belongs to me, haha, and it is even better than what was shown in the picture!! There is no way for me to put it back to a box. I have to be able to see the donkey everyday!  Thus, I finally managed to organize the book case in our living room in my way. Yeah, totally in my way. It is ridiculous I was not allowed to arranged things as I wanted although my husband, someone’s son, would never touch most of the things on the shelf.

At last, there is a place for handmade items. They have hidden in a dark box for months. Now, whenever I entering the living room, I will be able to see Tommy Donkey, little prince’s fox, Dali’s clock, gnip‘s WAWA and small, and my very own Greffi the Hippo, etc. Any of them can easily make me smile. Not to mention, no far away from them, there is a part of all the souvenirs, full of great memory.

Anyway, the place feels a little more like home now. I didn’t say it is already 100% home, but the percentage is hopefully getting up, thanks to Jerry.


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