Instant Success?

November 11, 2008 at 10:19 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | 5 Comments
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I almost stopped crafting in the last 3 months if crafting only includes yarn works and needle works. The truth is there IS something I can do to enjoy myself away from where I spent the nights and where I was reluctant to call home. That is origami. There is plenty of printed paper in my office. I have kept some squares cut from old papers/flyers in my office drawer. Interesting origami patterns and tutorials for various levels are all over the web. It’s always good to fold something easy for a short break from the thesis writing. Some of the finished items went to Mr Y’s office and some were thrown away. The folding is what I enjoy.

After listening to Robert Lang’s TED talk, which is so inspiring, a few times, I decided to fold something, not so easy one, for Mr Y’s birthday.  Horse is a special animal for both of us, so a horse there is. This is the most complex model I have ever finished. The model is designed by Dave Brill. Sara Adams kindly provides a detailed video tutorial for this model on her nice website. Without this tutorial, I wouldn’t be able to complete the horse. After I successfully made one with an old sheet, I destroyed it and “steal” a piece of baking paper from the kitchen not belonging to me at that time, bringing back to my office secretly and folded the horse there again. As Mr Y come over to my office from time to time, I must be very careful not to spoil it. In any case, it is delightful to work on a project like this.

I am nevertheless satisfied with the final horse. I even managed to make a base for the horse. The idiom on the base is 马到功成, starting the character 马 horse, means to win instant success. But obviously it is not an instant success itself. Mr Y didn’t seem pleased when I presented it to him on the day before his birthday. The horse might look too cheap or he would prefer to have some electronic devices. For whatever reasons, his wordless reaction totally disappointed me…..Maybe I am rather disappointed by myself. Naive me.


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  1. 这匹马很不错,尤其是头和脖子那一段。左后腿可能是拍照的关系感觉有点歪?


  2. He prefers mechanical device over THIS horse?…men..

  3. […] friend who suggested quite a few times that I should not give my husband handmade items as gift as most people/men don’t appreciate such things. I always hope I may be able to make something right. My friend’s proved true again. This […]

  4. It’s beautiful!
    my dad is like that too, poor mum! we’ve stopped trying. Funny thing is – he loves giving presents to others and seeing their reactions – you’d think the experience should go both ways!

    • Unfortunately it’s not for my case. My husband just doesn’t have the thing for presents. 😛

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