Travelling May and Messy June

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I am slowly recovering from whatever I got from Marrakesh, but I really don’t have enough energy to blog every detail, that I wish I could,about the trips I had in May, not to mention I still need to work hard for the very last thing in France. Hopefully, I can graduate on time. Aw… exhausted and desperate…..just like the statue in the picture! (I really like this shot with the bird on the man’s head. Anyone knows where the shot was taken? ;-))

Anyway, let me make some sort of summary, by listing pictures, before I forgot about all the trips.

The first place is Wandlitz, a small town close to Berlin. It is a nice place, but obviously it is too long for me to stay 6 days in the hotel, especially when there are not so much things to explore outside the hotel. I became homesick after 3 days. Since Chubbey is still in China, I brought Jo with me. She seems to have more fun than I do. -.-

The second place was Berlin, which is probably my favorite city in Europe. I got a chance to visit a friend who works there and had a great weekend with her. 😀 The sketch was made from where I stayed. I fell asleep after I finished it. -.- One of the favorite places I visited in Berlin this time was a toy shop called “Levy’s Toys” in Hackesche Höfe, close to Hackescher Markt.

The third place was Marrakesh, which I don’t wanna visit again. We’ve been through much drama hard to describe. The worst part is I got sick right after we came back and I couldn’t think of anything that went wrong. (I have been almost paranoid about the food and drinks there…..)

The fourth place is Paris. We were planning a 3-day visit in Paris before flying to Marrakech, but it had to be cancelled due to a visa problem. At the end, I only managed to spend 3 hours in Paris on our way back. (And, I got the summer issue of MCI in Paris.) We started from Notre Dame and finished at Place de la Concorde. I have to come back someday in the future. It takes no more than 2 hours to travel to Paris by train and I enjoyed taking the express train a lot.

Because of Marrakesh, I ended up spending a weekend in the hospital. -.- This hospital sucks…….I was bored, so I sketched a little on my sickbed. THE END!

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