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1. News about the earthquakes in Sichuan Province in China are all over the internet. They are just too sad to read, but I keep checking for the latest updates and wish to see more people to be rescued. My best friend, whom I made the panda in the banner for, left Sichuan only a few hours before the earthquake started. I felt relieved when I found out she was safe. Meanwhile, the disaster became more realistic to me.

2. Someone posted MY picture in flickr as hers without consent. She actually sent the picture to the same pool where the users can find my picture. Although I understand the person who did that didn’t mean to steal any credits from me as she mentioned my blog post in the comments, I would certainly feel better if could she ask beforehand. I am quite fine with other people using my pictures in their blogs, but isn’t it a little redundant to move from one flickr album to another? According to the translation of the page, I would take her as the one behind the project if I were not the person.

3. Someone bookmarked my blog on with a comment “Craft and Knitting blog, with heavy Japanese influence”. I am depressed to see that I am labeled with Japanese rather than Chinese. I thought I had tried really hard, at least in the past one year, to work on more projects using traditional CHINESE techniques or inspired by Chinese arts. Going through my flickr photo set, I don’t see “heavy” Japanese influence. I had some projects from Japanese patterns. From my point of view, Japanese patterns are something that can keep the hands busy without consuming too much brain energy. There are definitely as many projects using patterns from other sources as the Japanese ones, if not more than. In fact, most of my projects in the last year are my own, which means CHINESE after all. Speaking of source for inspirations, I read much more Russian blogs than Japanese ones everyday. I dunno either language anyway. I may need to work harder to emphasize and show more the Chinese instinct in me, I guess. Less knitting, also. 😉


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  1. I’m glad your friend is safe, there are so many casualties, many more than in Kobe a few years ago. About your blog, I do see the Chinese influence very clearly, I think “Japanese” has become such a commonplace trend among crafting blogs in the past few years, people use the label without thinking.

  2. It is tremendous, I do not know anybody personally of there, am associated of Yesasia and buy things of decole and craft, but I am impressed…
    Looking round your crafts to seeing that it was of certainly in it of the Chinese influence, yet today I have seen your wonderful pincushion, from now I will take advantage of the bundles of the eggs Kinder, which you design so good you have! Thanks!

  3. Sunday my day of looking at others blogs i found yours enjoyed every min of it. Iam very happy your friend is alright also been watching the news about china so many lives lost and many more to find lord bless you .Ill be back looking at your blog take care.

  4. Tracy
    I am happy to hear that your friend is safe and sorry to hear about how devastating the quake and the recent after shock was for your country.
    I don’t see a Japanese influence in your work because I find that your work is very unique. As you say, just on the strength that you are Chinese and the work is yours, the work is Chinese.
    I also want to say that the recent craze for Japanese crafts is interesting to me. I love old school craft books, from the 70’s back. I usually get American ones and British ones from the library. A good deal of the current Japanese crafts are merely updates of these old ones, so they are not Japanese anyway. If anybody doesn’t believe this, go take a look in a library.

  5. 很高興你的朋友平安無事。

  6. I am sorry to hear how this tragedy hit so close to home for you, though I am thankful that your friend was not hit in this disaster. I am keeping all those affected by this tragedy in my prayers.

  7. I most humbly apologize. I have changed my link to say **wonderful CHINESE** influence.

    I am a clueless American, but I try not to be ugly.

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