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1. News about the earthquakes in Sichuan Province in China are all over the internet. They are just too sad to read, but I keep checking for the latest updates and wish to see more people to be rescued. My best friend, whom I made the panda in the banner for, left Sichuan only a few hours before the earthquake started. I felt relieved when I found out she was safe. Meanwhile, the disaster became more realistic to me. Continue Reading Upset…

Retarded post, again

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How my desk looks like always reflects how my life is going on. The picture on the left shows a small part of my desk roughly 10 days ago. It simply became worse and worse until I started packing up for the trip. My desk at home is empty right now, while I am creating another mess on the desk in the hotel room in a small old town north to Berlin. I am sure I will clean up before we leave….hopefully….:)

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Occasional knitter needs markers

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I’ve been knitting a little more than usual recently, but the knitting “mojo” is almost gone now. I surely wanted some of those nice little notions sometime when I was knitting. Meanwhile, another me kept reminding myself of the limited space in our apartment. Hopefully I didn’t expand my stash and my tool kit too much.

On the other side, for a little more serious knitting project, say a garment, there are some really necessary tools, e.g. stitch markers and stitch holders. Without any stitch markers, I may have to count the same 100+ stitches over and over before carrying it on. I have a yogurt bottle to keep scrap yarn I got from the projects. No matter how short the yarn would be, I keep it. Whenever I need a marker, I simply pick a piece distinct with the working color and tie a slip knot onto the needle or a stitch so it can be taken off easily later.

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Jumper that cannot jump

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I actually finished this jumper I have been working on train last week but I felt reluctant to show it because it does NOT fit! The pattern was from a Japanese pattern book ヨーロッパの手あみ (Spring/Summer 2008) that was just released this February. I really wanted to try this jumper pattern as it is a mixture of knitting and crochet.  Japanese pattern book sometimes only provide patterns for one-size, which is usually very slim. Therefore, I tried to calculate the number of stitches to fit the pattern to myself. Obviously I overestimated my own size.

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