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No wonder Flickr is a place full of inspirations and I am never tired of being amazed. Here are some great projects I collected recently from Flickr.

1. (The center) lolipost34a39.jpg from Mariela Dias. (S)he is really good at manipulating colors and felts. I especially like the circles in the designs, e.g. those on the handbag.

2. Business card cloud. I am obsessive about projects with some flavor of Chinese traditions, such as traditional techniques and patterns. The cloud made by nc454 caught my sight certainly because of this reason. The pattern is so traditional whereas the way of doing it is so creative, which makes the project so interesting. He had a more sophisticated project using the same quilling like technique, but I still like the cloud better.

3. Cute tea sets. This picture was taken in Peru by my high-school friend. The colors are shockingly great. Thanks to one of my favorite writers, I always have a thing for handicraft and markets in South America.

4. porta-retrato, Brazillian Qpatchwork has a talent with fabrics. The fabric frames she recently made are just different from her previous projects. I made silhouettes and I play with fabrics, but I never thought of combine them. 😛

5. bump5, Hiroko Kubota has many embroidery projects, among which the set of 3 mini pieces is my favorite. Her work is always neat and well-finished. I wish I can be patient enough for such projects someday.

6. Chinese Mermaid ( animation ), I saw Mireille‘s pictures for the first time in the photo pool of Chinese crafts and toys. Later on, I found more interesting projects in her own photo-stream. Although she doesn’t really speak Chinese, she has expressed the culture better than many Chinese people.

7. TorchRelay,my friend lifepieces made this bunny in a very short time. I’m so interested in politics, but the bunny also expressed the same thing as what I am thinking about the recent chaos concerning the Olympic torch relay. Recall the bunnies back in 2006, My friend, you should really make your own bunny collection. 😉

For the rest: fatt.. ar…. !!!! what u waiting for… come “fatt” together… gong xi.. gong xi.., tin houses, DSC_8934.jpg, Petit Pâtisserie Pincushions., Confiança Confidence, Bruce Lee Appliqué

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  1. 内兔子没啥技术含量其实……脸红ING~~

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