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April 14, 2008 at 12:05 am | Posted in All My WIP, Misc. | 1 Comment
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I am so exhausted after a whole week going back and forth between two countries. This weekend has to be work-free! Therefore, I carried on with the project I started this week on the train. It is probably going to be my largest knitting project if I can finish it, but who knows how long it would takes. I am also not sure whether I will dare to wear it or not coz I don’t really like the color. 0.39 cent for 100g acrylic yarn is a little hard to resist.

There is another thing hard to resist. I bought this small metal construction set in Kik when I was looking for some insurance companies in downtown area this Thursday. It is only 1.99. Before I can even take a look inside the box, Mr Y had already made many variants out of the set. He cannot help making some changes here and there even when he is programming through the weekend. I should have realized that and got at least two sets. -_-

When I was little, I used to have two sets, one of which was made by my dad. They are always my favorite toys. I was still playing with them til high school. The two sets were gone after I left home for college. My dad was looking for such a metal construction set for my nephew two years ago but didn’t find any new ones. It’s weird that Meccano is also manufactured in China, but it can hardly be seen in China. Lego-type construction sets are just much more popular anywhere nowadays. Compared to Lego, Meccano-type or any of these metal sets may be too demanding for kids. Not every parent will give 6-year-old some small metal parts as toys as my dad did. I guess he really wished his daughters become engineers. 😛 Too bad he failed.

Now I added a new item to my wish-list: a relative larger construction set. After some research, rather than the famous Meccano, Eitech will be my first choice. I just wish I could have the fancy train set.

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  1. Wow, now that’s cheap yarn… I think the colour looks great. Can’t wait to see you finished knitting project. 🙂

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