Walilie! They look like brothers

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Left: on Craftzine yesterday

Right:from walilie‘s blog back in February 2006

哇哩咧(walilie) is an exclamation in Taiwan, also a brand name (娃哇咧 the first character is different but has similar sound though) of handmade sock dolls. It is a man, a former executive in advertise industry, behind this name and all these inspiring cuties. He has been on many TV shows and is somehow famous in China, especially in Taiwan before he published his first book on sock dolls named “Walilie! I am a Sock doll” back in October 2006. According to his blog, he is preparing for his second book. I always admire his extreme creativity and insistence. He has so many new creative ideas that I am still surprised by his new creations from time to time after I have been following his blog for over two years. He never stop trying new forms of sock dolls even when he is famous now.

There are some versions online. Although it is pirated and the pictures are blur, it is still pretty good for previews and enough for people who are just looking for inspirations. There are more inspiring dolls on his almost-daily-updated blog. You can buy the book via YesAsia if you like it or you are too curious about this book. The tutorials in this book are all demonstrated with big pictures, so you don’t need to know Chinese to read this book.

I certainly know that Leibniz invented calculus independently of Newton, but they had been actually working hard towards it at the same time too, not to mention they developed two annotation systems. I showed the “Super pig” post to a friend who has seen more crafting website and she appears to have the same feeling as I do. Well, maybe both of us are having the same delusion. 😛


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  1. how do you make these they are sooo adorable

    please reply,

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