April Snow and Atypical Flower Pin

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Even though it has been in the weather forecast, I still couldn’t believe my eye this morning. It is SNOWING!

And….when I arrived in France this afternoon, it’s sunny…….

Another belated post of finished project. It is a simple flower knot I finished with knitted i-cord two weeks ago.

Hong was asking me about the type of string used for wearing a jade or something the other day, but it is not so easy to find any of these outside Asia. The same type of strings is also used for Chinese knotting, so she then asked me whether I know how to make Chinese knots. I still know the techniques, but I need reference to make those complicated knots. They just didn’t stay in my memory for long.

My first attempt on Chinese knotting was due to an early Sunday morning TV show from TVB dated back to at least 16 years ago. I gave up on it when it became too popular in mainland China. It doesn’t make sense to spend hours to make something handmade that costs less than 1 dollar (RMB). Anyway, her words actually brought me some inspirations for sort of alternatives. The alternative can be either an alternative for the string or an alternative for using the knots. I finally came up with a mixture of both.

There are many tutorials available online. I would rather not to make my own one. The knot I made is called petal/flower/daisy knot. You can find a clear tutorial on this particular knot. The little flower doesn’t look like a normal Chinese knots at all, but I really think I  try other knots on other materials for more variations. It seems fun even to think about it.:P

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