Ready for Vacation

February 2, 2008 at 10:22 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - How-to's, Craft - Misc | 2 Comments
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Finally, I survived from the exam week and started packing for the LONG vacation. I cannot wait to see the families and the friends. Hopefully, the unusual heavy snow won’t be so much trouble for us.

While looking forward to the long trip, I haven’t really got released from the nightmare of exams. I woke up so early today. I promised a friend for a felted gift when I just told her about my vacation plan, but I didn’t manage to make anything until today. It is like a deadline for me as I really don’t wanna take the wool and the felting needle with me on the road, so I decided to get up and to do some felting. Luckily, the idea of making a wizard suddenly came up, otherwise I might follow my plan to make a mouse. I am satisfied with the wizard, but it is pretty hard to take a picture of him…..either the hat or the body is missing. 😦

I also make a small experiment today: knitting needle vs. knitting spool. It’s been my impression that the spool should be much easier to use for making i-cord, but I quickly lost my patience when trying to make one using my spool and started to doubt that assumption. So, I unraveled the i-cord and made it again with needles. It turns out to be easier and faster with needles! At least I found it easier. You can find comprehensive video tutorials on knitting i-cord here. The i-cord I made ended up as the brooch showed on the left. 🙂

I’d better go back to the mess of packing right now. Presumably, I will not be able to access to this blog at all for at least 4 weeks. Have a nice February everyone and see you in the year of Rats~


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  1. The little wizard turned out just GREAT!!! I love it!!! You’re such a clever lady…

  2. That wizard really is fabulous.

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