Practice makes perfect?…..!

January 22, 2008 at 4:31 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts | Leave a comment
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As usual, I got frustrated by the coming exams. Several tempting new materials had arrived in my mail, but I could not start any projects so far. I only managed to practice the cluny pattern a few more times during my short trip to France last week.

Do you believe practice makes perfect? I think, it is only true when people haven’t reach their limits. Everyone has his/her own limits so there is always something s/he cannot do. On the other side, you would never know where the limit is unless you push hard enough to the limit. When I finished the “T”-shape whatever, I almost started to believe that might be my limit on the cluny pattern. Thank goodness, I didn’t really stop. The clunies on the bracelet are much better than the ones I made before. I also know how to make split rings with needles. 😀 It is still NOT perfect now, but I am certainly making progress.

I am counting everyday now: two weeks later, I will be out of Europe! Unfortunately, I still got one project to submit and 4 exams to write before that. 😦

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