A virus called Cross-Stitching

December 28, 2007 at 9:52 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Craft - Books | 4 Comments
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My last cross stitch project, i.e. my first cross-stitch project, dated back to early 2004. The colorful world built by crosses was not so fascinating for me, not to mention that the amount of required threads scared me out of it. I could barely imagine myself working on cross stitching projects again. However, things are changing all the time. Just like picking up knitting again, I also made my second cross-stitch project before the end of year 2007 after seeing many friends working on cross-stitches and reading some amazing books.

The pattern and the idea come from the book Bleu (ISBN: 9782501054720). It’s my favorite among the wonderful series. Another two are Blanc (white) and Rouge (red), both great too. You can find both cross-stitch and traditional embroidery patterns in these books. The books come with great stitching start-kits. All the patterns are monochrome, simple and pleasing.

More importantly, the patterns are all stitched on everyday goods, e.g. towels, pajamas, backpacks …… and dishcloths. My parents and Mr. Y just cannot understand why I was stitching on the dishcloth. When a friend was going through the book I showed her at my home, she immediately pointed out the picture in which there is an antique-looking teapot on an embroidered dishcloth. I happened to have one piece of dishcloth in my stash (leftover from Striped Tote and Quick Pocket). Although the dishcloth is not so well woven,  I finally surrendered to the temptation of the idea in the white boxing day morning, picked a pattern from the book and started stitching.

Still, cross-stitching is not so much fun as the other things for me. It can only be some once/twice-in-a-year thing. 😛


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  1. For some reason, I can only cross-stitch when I’m on holiday in Brittany, so my project will need a few more years. When I’m home I prefer to work on other things. I agree with you on the once or twice a year thing. Your dishcloth looks great!

  2. I really like your dish towel. I’ll have to check out those books you mentioned.

  3. Cute dishtowel and that book looks interesting as well. I find I can’t complete anything very complicated anymore. Just doesn’t capture my attention for very long. I’ve been collecting small patterns lately, although most of them use a lot more colors than your teapot! 🙂 Check them out at http://www.squdoo.com/small-crossstitch-patterns

  4. Do you know if Bleu (and the other colors) is available in English and/or in the US? My French is extremely poor, but I love the concept of these books.

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