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November 20, 2007 at 11:13 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | Leave a comment
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The internet connection remains unstable. 😦 It takes me two hours to finally login. I am not sure whether I can successfully submit this at the end.

Our “optional” courses start this week, which means the free Wednesdays are over. Due to the language problem, I don’t have any choices at all and have to stick to the courses given in English. On the bright side,  one of the lecturers is extremely good. His lecture is more entertained than a talk show. We can easily spent 2 hours and don’t get distracted.

As for crafting, since I’ve been knitting for a few weeks, I decided to also shift my interests a little bit back to crocheting. I have to confess first that I bought a pack of yogurt because of the cute little glass bottles. To make the empty bottle more special, I made a cozy for it. I think I’ve seen similar cozies somewhere, but I cannot recall. The brainstorming thing is for the first time I used three different threads (all I have) for this simple cozy. The result is unexpectedly good. Please don’t ask me why such a bottle need a cozy. I don’t know the answer. I believe it would look nice with a small candle in it, then it may make more sense to have a cozy. I don’t have any candles. Now, it’s just a bottle for scrap yarn.

I will try to make the pattern available tomorrow if I am able to get connected. 🙂

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