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Do you know what is worse than being stuck away from home? The answer is being stuck away from home and losing the internet connections all the time. That is my weekend. The internet stopped working on Friday night. After the connection is back to work on Saturday afternoon, the signal remains unstable. Even right now, when I am typing, I got disconnected from time to time, which is extremely annoying. Besides, I accidentally deleted several movie files I haven’t watched on Saturday. This morning, I was waken up by three girls talking loudly in the corridor. I tried to take a nap after lunch, but I was waken up 20 min after by a girl and a lady who seemed to be her mother talking in the corridor AGAIN…..I really tried hard to enjoy the lonely weekend here, but miserable things don’t go away. 😦

When there is no internet connection, crafting is probably the best way to make myself comfortable, so I continued my swatch. I suspect knitting without a swatch could be one of the reason my collar didn’t look like what is showed in the book (I didn’t find gauge directions in that book anyway). Sadly, when I finished this swatch, it turns out to be very different from the gauge given in the pattern I want to work on. Shoot……

In order not to drive myself crazy, I started to search for another project and decided to look at Leigh Radford‘s One Skein. To be honest, I don’t recommend this book. Most of the projects in this book are not as fancy as the cover. Maybe the cover is just too fancy. 😛 After going through quite a few knitting books recently, it is a little boring. The only interesting part is the part of projects for babies. There are a bib, a hat, a bolero and a colorful cardigan. All of them are very neat and different, especially the petal bib. According to Ravelry, these projects are also the most popular ones from this book for other people. There are more than 100 petal bibs! Having finished this bib, I am pretty much done with this book. If you have the book also, make sure you know the errata is available online.

I finished my dark blue bib within one day. Considering I am a slow knitter, this project should be pretty easy for skillful people. I also successfully learned how to do the short rows. 😀 I have to say I enjoyed making this bib except for the frustrating loose end hiding thing. It should be better if it’s in some light color, but I don’t really have much choice. It’s the same yarn for the booties. It makes a nice match, isn’t it? 🙂

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  1. I just finished making that bib this weekend too 🙂 I really love the panda at the top of your page.

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