Chaos, sorted out

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I’ll stay here for the weekend. I could go home on Thursday afternoon, but it’s risky that I might not be able to come back on Monday, or even next week. The situation of railway services is not improving anyway. I hope the strike would be over soon.

The local public transportation workers are going to strike on Monday also. The services will be reduced to 30%, which means much longer waiting time. I will be prepared for the long trip to school, say taking a knitting project with me.

I was winding my yarn on the tram the other day. I was supposed to knit on the tram. When I tried to pull the yarn from the center, I turned the skein to chaos. Luckily, I can still vaguely remember the tutorial on winding a pull skein. Unlike the tutorial, I only used one pencil. I don’t think two pencils are necessary anyway. At the end, I managed to sort it out during the lunch break and it’s perfectly a pull skein again. The yarn came without a tag. In order to keep the end on the outside in place, I also used a piece of plastic wrap to wrap around the skein.

Actually, winding the yarn reminds me of a good friend. She helped me to wind the yarn I bought as she used to help her mother with yarns at home. Although she didn’t know knitting/crocheting, she winded the yarn faster than a machine and made a perfect round ball at the end. I was totally amazed by her skills. Unfortunately, I was not able to get this skill from her. As you see, I also made a ball, but it’s a football shaped. 😀

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