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This is a delayed entry again. There is a conflict between my camera and the latest fedora kernel so I have to switch to Windows to import my pictures. That’s just not something I want to do after 6 hours of classes in some freezing cold classrooms (8+ hours at school) everyday. The professor managed to find us some new rooms for the classes. However, the new ones are still too cold. The whole building is like a fridge. We have to wear our coats during the classes.

I have done the knitting part of this red collar on the train back home last Wednesday and finished it during the weekend. The pattern is from Nicky Epstein’s Knitting Beyond the Edge. It is called 2×2 rib with 6-st cables. It’s simpler than it looks. The ribs and the cable are knitted separately and then sewn together. Nicky Epstein used this sewing tricks a lot in this book. I did it after one year. I chose my favorite yarn for this project, but the collar is a little disappointing. Perhaps my over-expectation is caused by the picture in the book. Although I made the collar larger than what the pattern says, it is still a little short for my neck. I just cannot wear the collar in the way shown in the book. Anyway, I am still wearing it everyday, in my own way though. It’s very comfortable and warm to wear this collar.

The button is probably the only thing I am satisfied with as it’s my own way of making buttons. 😀 If I manage to go home this weekend AND if there is someone interested, I will try to make a tutorial for the button next week. (French rail workers are striking AGAIN and the strike is said to be OPEN-ENDED.)

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