Pattern for Yogurt Bottle Cozy

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The bottom and the neck of the bottle are both slightly smaller than the body. The cozy are started from the bottom and finished at the neck.

Two plies of threads are used at the same time for the “textural” look. For round 1, 2, 4, 6, it’s the white thread with the light blue thread and for the others, it’s the light blue thread with shaded blue thread. A crochet hook of 3.25mm is used.

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Cozy cozy

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The internet connection remains unstable. 😦 It takes me two hours to finally login. I am not sure whether I can successfully submit this at the end.

Our “optional” courses start this week, which means the free Wednesdays are over. Due to the language problem, I don’t have any choices at all and have to stick to the courses given in English. On the bright side,  one of the lecturers is extremely good. His lecture is more entertained than a talk show. We can easily spent 2 hours and don’t get distracted.

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Knitting weekend

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Do you know what is worse than being stuck away from home? The answer is being stuck away from home and losing the internet connections all the time. That is my weekend. The internet stopped working on Friday night. After the connection is back to work on Saturday afternoon, the signal remains unstable. Even right now, when I am typing, I got disconnected from time to time, which is extremely annoying. Besides, I accidentally deleted several movie files I haven’t watched on Saturday. This morning, I was waken up by three girls talking loudly in the corridor. I tried to take a nap after lunch, but I was waken up 20 min after by a girl and a lady who seemed to be her mother talking in the corridor AGAIN…..I really tried hard to enjoy the lonely weekend here, but miserable things don’t go away. 😦

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Chaos, sorted out

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I’ll stay here for the weekend. I could go home on Thursday afternoon, but it’s risky that I might not be able to come back on Monday, or even next week. The situation of railway services is not improving anyway. I hope the strike would be over soon.

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Something warm

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This is a delayed entry again. There is a conflict between my camera and the latest fedora kernel so I have to switch to Windows to import my pictures. That’s just not something I want to do after 6 hours of classes in some freezing cold classrooms (8+ hours at school) everyday. The professor managed to find us some new rooms for the classes. However, the new ones are still too cold. The whole building is like a fridge. We have to wear our coats during the classes.

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Drinking and Knitting

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I had several deadlines, several new tasks and several meetings in two cities this week. It’s great this busy week is going to the “end”. And, it’s great I can finally talk about my crafts.

Some were wondering how I can put my yarns into a bottle, while some even thought I bought such a bottle of yarn as a whole. Well, I wish there would be such things available here, but the truth is it’s something everyone can make. Continue Reading Drinking and Knitting…

Everything’s in Progress

November 8, 2007 at 8:24 am | Posted in All My WIP, Misc. | 1 Comment
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I took the pictures on Tuesday morning but didn’t manage to  type anything until now, now even a short post. And…..this post will be short.

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A weekly summary

November 3, 2007 at 9:26 pm | Posted in All Finished Crafts, Misc. | Leave a comment
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We’ve got one week of holidays. It’s one of the reasons I was absent from blogging for so long. Before the end of the holidays, I managed to finish a project I started in September. The knitting had been done on the trains during the first two weeks of this semester, that is, 1 month ago. The project was put aside afterwards as I couldn’t find the right yarn for the paws from my stash. I didn’t wanna get a whole new skein of pink yarns just for a few small pieces.

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