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October 23, 2007 at 7:15 pm | Posted in Craft - Misc | 1 Comment
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1. tatting medallion, 2. listening, 3. tiny squirrel, 4. paper basket box, 5. mail pocket from dishcloth, 6. irish crochet flower, 7. chubbey and her hand puppet bear, 8. orange, 9. Everybody loves Amineko, 10. chubbey stitching, 11. purple cat, 12. flower pig zodiac, 13. fortune cookie 001, 14. pink rose pouch made in 2005, 15. yellowngreen flower pin, 16. crochet bracelet revisited 003, 17. pink yarn snail 003, 18. pink yarn snail, 19. vw bug, 20. flower stamp, 21. felting cat 3, 22. bear family, 23. amigurumi cat 2, 24. felting dog, 25. lamb purse, 26. cat stamp, 27. eggplant stamp, 28. crocheted butterfly, 29. pumpkin

I always like playing with fd’s flickr toys. I’ve seen people making Explore poster all the time. Finally, I made my own. To make the poster look bigger, I chose to include the recently dropped ones also. 😛 Please do not laugh at me! I am not a pro flickr user, therefore this toy can remind me of what I’ve done a while ago. I’ve been more productive in the winter 2 years ago.

It’s interesting to look at various flickr statistics. With those numbers, it is more or less clear how people feel about my pictures, particularly my crafts. Stuffed animals are the most popular. People appear to prefer pictures with simple backgrounds, say monotonic. Sometimes, the results are surprising. For instance, the hotpad from recycled flyers is among my top 10 most “interesting” pictures.

I am really curious about flickr’s algorithm behind this interestingness. 😛 It’s more straightforward to see how many people select each picture as their favorite.

1. fortune cookie 001, 2. pink rose pouch made in 2005, 3. wario’s rabbit 1.5cm, 4. listening, 5. purple cat, 6. bookplate stamp 002, 7. amibear20061215 001, 8. cat pincushion, 9. chubbey stitching, 10. wario’s rabbit 1.5cm, 11. flower pig zodiac, 12. “good” panda, 13. tiny squirrel, 14. orange, 15. crochet snowflake 002, 16. crochet bird, 17. knitting nancy with office supplies, 18. irish crochet flower, 19. fat cat, 20. woven ball

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  1. I live all the stuff I see in your pictures. 🙂

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