Irritating Mid-autumn Festival

September 25, 2007 at 4:17 pm | Posted in Food, Misc. | 1 Comment

Everything is strange today…..I hope the moon is still a full moon tonight.

On the bus towards the tram station this morning, a man was badly cut on his face by another man. I was standing not too far from the man sitting in the front who was injured later. One probably provoked the other for something and they started to curse, which I couldn’t understand anyway. When the man in the front stood up and turn to the shabby man, all the females close to them, including me, of course, ran away. When the noise from the rear stopped, I turned around, saw blood coming out from the man’s head and the shabby man had already got off the bus. People started to shouting at the driver and tried to help the man. The driver stopped the car and started to contact someone. There was blood all over the place. Fortunately, it was close to the terminal. When we arrived, the paramedics had been waiting there. The passengers were asked to show their passes before getting off the bus, which makes the trip even more annoying. It’s probably the most violent scene I’ve ever seen in the real life and affect my impression about the country and the city in a terribly bad way.

On my way back home, another weird thing happened. The woman sitting opposite to me said something unpleasantly and repeated a few times. It seemed she was accusing me sitting there. I stood up and the woman’s friend immediately occupied the seat without showing any appreciation, I mean both of them. Although I couldn’t understand her request, I didn’t see any signs of reserved seats around that particular seat and there were many other seats nearby. Both women are at their around 40’s and not disable. I really don’t see any reasons that I should give up my seat. Anyway, it is still wiser to stay away from weird-looking people. The two woman were both wearing watches in very bright colors, and one of them have more than 5 mini plushies(including a Rémy from Ratatouille) on her handbag which is no more than 25 cm long.

Thanks to the two terrible trips, I chose to stay in my 9m^2 room this afternoon. Speaking of the room, I cannot help complaining about the student residence here. It’s claimed there are shared kitchens, but the truth is you can find nothing but one stove in the so-called “kitchen”, no microwaves, no oven, no fridges, no nothing. Making pickles may be the only way for me to enjoy “cooking” here. Does the radish pickle look a little like kimchi? 😛

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  1. yeah it does look like kimchi,
    omg, you make me hungry!
    lol ^^

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